Friday, March 26, 2010

Indiana Judiciary Commission - Magistrate Johnson's failure to issue final divorce settlement rulings

When I contacted the Indiana Judiciary Commission, I thought I was the only one whose divorce case Johnson had failed to rule on. I was shocked when I discovered that Johnson had failed to rule on approximately 100 divorce cases. I was appauled that the divorce attorneys had never brought this to the attention of the Commission before.

I wonder how many tens of thousands of dollars these attorneys made off divorcing couples whose cases lingered in Johnson's hands indefinately.

From:sur5er1998 <>
To:ameiring <>
Subject:How long does a Judge have to issue a final ruling?
Date:Fri, Mar 26, 2010 8:47 am

Is there a time limit in which a Judge must issue a ruling on a divorce property settlement? My divorce was finalized in September 2008. The property settlement hearing was not held until January 2010. And now I am being told that Magistrate Johnson may take up to a year to make a final ruling on my property settlement. How long can the court drag out my divorce? Can they drag it out indefinately, in the hopes that I will just go away without a penny?
Thank you,
Renee' Harrington

Silence: the number one killer of victims of officer involved domestic violence.

Case Closed - Do Not Respond

It has been a long hard battle in my fight for justice for myself and for other victims in Porter County.  But, I cannot make officials do the right thing and I cannot make them care.

Instead, what I can do is take pride in the fact  that I did not waiver in my convictions; for standing up for what is right; and my endless efforts to correct a wrong.

It was Portage Police Chief Mark Becker who said, "Case closed", and Portage Mayor James Snyder who said, "Do not respond"...Not me.


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