Tuesday, February 14, 2017

02142017 - In memory of Abbi Mae, let's get real about corruption in Porter County and Portage Indiana

Today would have been Abbi Mae's birthday ...

Abbi Mae and Bailey Su lost their lives because of the corruption in Porter County Indiana...

For over 20 years, Porter County Magistrate James Johnson ruled over divorce cases in the county. And NO ONE said anything about his "questionable" actions / in-actions on the bench - BUT, ME.

Johnson believed he didn't have to uphold Indiana's domestic violence laws and protective orders. And, the Indiana and Porter County Local Court rules pertaining to disclosure of marital assets didn't apply in Johnson's court room - or any other law pertaining to equitable division of property.

I personally hired a financial adviser in an attempt to uncover my ex's hidden assets, which were valued at about $1,000,000. Magistrate Johnson and the divorce attorneys REFUSED to put my financial adviser on the stand and refused him access to marital financial records.

It's just divorce court - no one is watching - officials can't be bothered. But, perhaps officials should be have been watching, because where else in the court do you have hundreds of thousands of dollars - or possibly millions of dollars in assets going through the hands of a magistrate and divorce attorneys, annually - AND, no one is watching. There is no accountability for this money / assets.

How divorce court worked under Magistrate Johnson: The divorce decree was granted quickly - without the property settlement. The settlement of marital assets, took YEARS.  During that time, Magistrate Johnson and the divorce attorneys had 100% control of your marital assets - while you are paying tens of thousands of dollars in court and attorney fees to desperately obtain your property settlement.

When I reported this 'scam' to the Indiana Judiciary Commission in 2010, they discovered that Johnson had failed to issue final property settlements in approximately 100 divorce cases = millions of dollars in the hands / control  of the Magistrate and the attorneys.

On October 07, 2010 - in the midst of the State's investigation of Magistrate Johnson - Portage Indiana police officers, along with my ex-husband, unlawfully entered my home. Abbi and Bailey were removed from my home and turned over to my ex.

During the unlawful police entry, a law enforcement officer overheard on his police scanner,  Portage police officers at my home discussing on their police radios, the large amount of money my ex had: More money than they had ever seen in their lives ... Couldn't believe my ex had that much money...

A Portage police officer's wife later confirmed the conversation, and stated that my ex had more than enough money on him that day to pay me my property settlement of $111,000 [which he didn't], Which is interesting, because First Financial Trust owner / Portage Mayor James Snyder had claimed that my ex hadn't had the funds to refinance the marital home - just days prior to the unlawful police entry.

In April 2011, I began making waves at the Portage city hall: demanding Abbi and Bailey be returned to me, and demanding answers and justice for the unlawful police entry into my home. Instead of Abbi and Bailey being returned to me, they were hauled off to the Humane Society of Hobart, where they were illegally and cruelly euthanized.

This is the face of corruption in Porter County Indiana

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