Sunday, July 9, 2017

07092017 - Do I really need another reason to hate Indiana?

To the jerk who hit my truck in the Michigan City Indiana Walmart parking lot last night [at approximately 1:30 AM] - and then drove off: Although I have full coverage insurance, thanks to driving off without reporting the accident, I will now have to pay the deductible to have YOUR damage to my vehicle repaired. 

Some insight into my day yesterday: Ken got sick yesterday afternoon and I was cleaning and washing bedding until almost midnight. When I finally sat down after having done everything, Ken announced that he was all out of tummy meds. UGH!

Decided to make the most out of this 'road trip' and give myself a break at the same time - took the back roads and went across the border to Indiana so I could enjoy the night air and a break from care-giving. 

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