Tuesday, March 13, 2018

03132018 - Portage Indiana Mayor James Snyder wants to talk about Constitutional rights - then let's talk

This week marks the twentieth anniversary of my being a survivor of officer involved domestic violence/OIDV

Meanwhile, in Portage Indiana - where my PTSD companion dog Bailey Su and her side-kick Abbi Mae were killed after unlawful police entry into my home, in retaliation for me having reported Porter County Superior Court Magistrate James Johnson for his repeated failures to honor DV protection orders and arrest warrants - federally indicted Portage Mayor James Snyder - who played a significant role in the unlawful police entry and deaths of Abbi Mae and Bailey Su, and the cover-up - is now claiming that the FBI violated his Constitutional rights, in their search of his email. A March 15th hearing is scheduled, in Mayor's Snyder's attempt to have the federal charges dismissed against him.

Having survived Deputy Parker leveling his 9mm at me, and then having to later endure the horrendous deaths of my furbabies,  it goes without saying that this bad ass Michigan OIDV survivor has a few words to say:

This is an email sent by none other than federally indicted Portage Mayor James Snyder to Portage officials, ordering them to violate my Constitutional rights.

If Mayor James Snyder wants to boo hoo about violation of Constitutional rights, in an attempt to weasel out of his federal charges, perhaps it is time that his violation of my Constitutional rights bite him in the ass.

This Michigan OIDV survivor's wish: that at the March 15th hearing, the Feds have Snyder read aloud this email from the witness stand - and count off the numerous Constitutional violations he committed against me. Have Snyder explain why there was never an investigation into the unlawful police entry and deaths of Abbi and Bailey - nor any accountability, or justice - all in violation of my Constitutional rights.

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