Saturday, April 8, 2017

04082017 - Abbi and Bailey dog tags - A picture is worth a thousand words

A couple of weeks ago, Ken and I were talking about having to go down to the jewelers and get my necklace containing Abbi's and Bailey's dog tags repaired. After wearing them 24/7 for the past six years, they have started to show their age: they need to be re-engraved -with the date 11-17-2016 added - and the chain needs to be replaced, because the clasp keeps coming undone.

To avoid doing the mad search for dog tags in the bedding in the morning - I now try to remember to remove them before heading off to bed.

So, last night I was sitting at the dining room table talking with Ken, before I headed off to bed, and I slid the chain over my head, and without looking, I placed them on dining room table. Ken got up and came around to my side of the table to grab my coffee cup, and he asked me if I realized where I had placed my dog tags.

Ken and I: "WHOA!!!"  [Doggie spirits, eh]

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