Thursday, June 1, 2017

06012017 - Is Newton County Indiana just as corrupt as Porter County?

So, I was in the Portage Indiana Firehouse Sub shop with my friend Mary this evening - a woman approached me and complimented me on my blue hair coloring. I told her that it was "Law Enforcement Blue", and I had been dying my hair blue since Portage Mayor James Snyder was indicted by the feds.

This remarkable woman hugged and thanked me. And then she remarked that she wished she had the courage to stand up for her rights like I did - and her story unfolded of how she was trying to fight to protect  her grandchild in the Newton County divorce court system:
Documented abuse - but abusive daddy has "connections" = judge, police, sheriff, state police, and AG refuse to take action.

Told the grandma not to give up hope and to contact the FBI.

This corrupt divorce court shite at the expense of abuse victims in Indiana needs to stop.

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