Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let's ask the FBI about Portage Mayor Snyder's violent outburst against Councilman Pat Clem

Let's ask the experts about chest-bumping Mayor Snyder and bond conditions - because Portage employees and citizens deserve to be protected:

RE: Federally indicted Portage Indiana Mayor James Snyder [US v James E Snyder - Case # 2-16CR-160 - US District Court - Northern District of Indiana - Hammond Indiana]

As Mayor Snyder is currently out on bond, were you aware of his recent violent outburst during a public meeting on June 7th? Don't know if this assault / chest bumping incident against another city employee is a violation of Snyder's bond or not...

Portage council meeting ends in 'chaotic mess'
NWI Times
June 07, 2017
"...Clerk-Treasurer Chris Stidham said when Snyder returned, he attempted to clear the front row of audience seats to have his department chairs take the seats, but shouting continued between the council and mayor. Stidham said Snyder was attempting to take the gavel from Oprisko when the council quickly voted to adjourn the meeting.

Councilman Pat Clem,D-2nd District, said as he started walking away from the meeting hall, Snyder confronted him, calling him a "coward" and a "fat coward."

The confrontation continued as the two walked down the stairs into the lobby of the building at the same time people were leaving a concert.

Clem said Snyder continually bumped him, called him names and made accusations. Snyder said Clem "chest bumped" him and used foul language. He denied touching Clem. Snyder admitted to using the word "coward" several times.

The two were separated twice by police officers who were at the meeting.

Clem said Snyder also confronted him in the parking lot before leaving..."

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