Wednesday, June 7, 2017

06072017 - Where are all the supporters of federally indicted Portage Mayor James Snyder?

LE blue hair polls are in:
I've been tinting my hair blue since Mayor Snyder was indicted last November. But, last week, I dyed it a full fledged head turning state police blue = more people than ever are now commenting on my hair.  And, my response is: "It's blue in support of Portage Mayor James Snyder being federally indicted".

The past two days, I have been living down at the Porter hospital, due to Ken's severe medical complications with his diabetes. So, how does  law enforcement blue hair hold up in enemy territory? Girl, let me tell you that I have yet to find a Mayor Snyder supporter - however,  lots and lots of support for LE and the FBI though ;)

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